baby: m... m...
mom: mama?
baby: mama...
mom: thank god it's not that meme
baby: just killed a man


ACNL sketch dump!

First pic is a bunch of Animal Crossing sketches I did over the year I played New Leaf but never got around to painting them. Just silly memories I hold from this amazing game. :) <3

Second pic is concept sketches of Joan’s grandchild. He would help her sell turnips in the next ACNL game for Wii U, since she’s becoming too old to carry them all by herself :) 

And third pic is just some thrown out stickers ideas.




Something I realised, after having to help many international tourists count out their change, is that American coins don’t actually have the number value on them??? Like no wonder all these poor tourists are so confused



it just fucking says one “dime”

what the fuck is a dime

how much is it worth

whose idea was this

oh my god i never even realized that what the hell we all just sort of know what they’re worth through some sixth sense bullshit


I’ve been waiting a long time to do this you have no idea



Spooky scary Halloween giveaway!! ooOOoo

1st place
*4 royal crowns
*2 pumpkin heads (purple and jack’s)
*2 full baskets of perfect oranges
*a few of the creepy items (i couldn’t get my hands on them all)
*9 black tulips (if you’re following me!!)
2nd place
*2 royal crowns
*2 full baskets of perfect oranges
*2 pumpkin heads (yellow and purple)

*dont have to follow me (but you might get those black tulips…;) )
*reblog as much as you want i dont care
*likes count the same as reblogs
*no giveaway blogs

Giveaway ends 10/25/2014 have fun

Signal boosting!


cat people: dogs are cool too
dog people: cats don’t feel love did you know a cat once MURDERED my MOTHER


~ Ends Sunday October 26th at 3:00pm pst ~

*The 7-11 set also includes the clerk shirt and the slushi machine*

You can check out the sidebar of my blog for my current date and time.

I will be using a randomized list generator to determine the winners. If you have any questions just ask ^.^

Good luck everyone!



I’m long overdue for another giveaway; I hope this one will be as successful as my last one! First I want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH TO ALL OF YOU LOVELY CROSSERS. When I made this blog I never thought I’d get so many ;u; but I’m so so thankful! Okay, now for the good stuff.


  • 1 million bells!
  • 10 hybrid flowers
  • 5 ice creams
  • 3 pinwheels (choose from red, orange, yellow, green, & indigo)
  • Tweeter
  • Bubble wand
  • A treasure chest (rare island gift shop item!)
  • Items from your wishlist (I’ll get you as many as I can!)
  • 10 random balloons of different shapes and colors
  • 5 royal crowns
  • A handwritten letter + a small surprise (This part is optional if you’re a winner; only if you’re comfortable with giving me your address)


  • 500,000 bells!
  • 5 hybrid flowers
  • 3 ice creams
  • 1 pinwheel
  • Tweeter
  • Bubble wand
  • 5 random balloons
  • 2 royal crowns


  • 250,000 bells!
  • 3 hybrid flowers
  • 2 ice creams
  • 1 pinwheel
  • Bubblewand
  • Tweeter
  • 3 random balloons
  • 1 royal crown


  • You don’t have to be following me, but I am an 100% Animal Crossing blog and I follow back similar!
  • 1 reblog and 1 like per person (don’t spam your poor followers)
  • No giveaway blogs
  • Must have AC:NL (duh!) and be comfortable with giving me your friend code
  • Please have your askbox open
  • Winners must reply within 72 hours after I message them, or new winners will be chosen
  • Good luck, everyone!! (・∀・ )

Ends this Saturday!



Hello wonderful followers and fellow Animal Crossing fans! It’s time for one of my biggest giveaways ever! Not only will I be giving a TON of cool streetpass items, but I will also be giving away Gold Cans, Rare flowers, PERFECT FRUIT and the much sought after Throwing beans! A JP Exclusive! :D


All you have to do to enter is be following my blog and reblog or like this post! You may reblog and like it as much as possible! But please no Sideblogs or Giveaway blogs! I want this to be fair!


  • You must be willing to give me your Friend Code and allow me to visit your town! (You can always delete me afterwards, but part of why I’m doing this is to make new friends to play with!)
  • You must have Wi-Fi connection so I can get to your town!
  • You must be able to get on at a time when I am available to transfer the items c:
  • You must be friendly, no being rude to other entrants! This is supposed to be FUN.
  • You must have room available in your town so I can drop items.
  • First come first serve on Prizes, If you want that specific item please respond fast so I can get it to you.



(First contestant pulled)

  • Two gold level items
  • Two Silver tier items
  • One Copper level item


(Second contestant pulled)

  • One Gold level item
  • One Silver tier item
  • One Copper tier item


(Third contestant pulled)

  • 2ne Silver tier items
  • 2ne copper tier items


(Instead of pulling prizes from tiers you may claim one of these special tiers) 

Super Gardener’s Haul! ((ONLY ONE AVAILABLE!!))

(Only available to Gold and Silver winners)

  • Full set of Carnations
  • Two Golden Roses
  • One Jacobs ladder
  • Two random Hybrids
  • Full basket of Bamboo shoots
  • A Golden Can

Fruit lover’s Haul! ((ONLY ONE AVAILABLE!))

(Available to all winners FIRST COME FIRST SERVE!)

  • Full basket of Perfect Pears
  • Full basket of Perfect Oranges
  • Full basket of Perfect Apples
  • Full basket of Perfect Peaches
  • Full basket of Perfect Cherries
  • Full basket of Persimmons
  • Strawberry hat


  • Gold Rose
  • Throwing Beans (JP exclusive item)
  • Random colored Pinwheel
  • Bubble wand
  • Pink Glow wand
  • Royal Crown
  • Crown
  • Gold Can
  • Rubber Hammer


  • Pink bunny Balloon
  • Green heart Balloon
  • Jacob’s ladder
  • Strawberry Icecream
  • Soft serve Ice cream
  • Tweeter
  • Chocolate Cake

Copper Tier Items

  • Red Carnation
  • Pink Carnation
  • White carnation
  • 4-Leaf clover
  • Random Balloon


Contest ends on October 20th or once we hit 100,000 unique notes!

yaaay, wolfgang is moving in!

i love wolf villagers! (not as much as i love kitty villagers. WHICH I HAVE NONE OF ;m;)

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